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Our Featured Projects.


(December, 2021) **WIP** 


Le Baratin (1600 Dundas ST W, Toronto ON)

25ft Tall & 30ft wide

Medium: Exterior latex paint.

Mural for Dundas West open air Museum, First official project for the BIA -City of Toronto! This was a project to help cover a badly graffiti alley way, to bring colour and positivity to the community.


(February, 2022)  


Le Baratin (1600 Dundas ST W, Toronto ON)

6ft tall by 3ft wide

Medium: Chalkboard paint, Hard body acrylics

After helping the city beautify the alley way that the French restaurant "Le Baratin"  is located, the owner of the restaurant reached out to me to work together to fix an old chalkboard menu, that was no longer used. The goal was to create a permanent styled chalkboard to represent the French aesthetic of the restaurant.

Yerba Beuna mural at Sheppard Ave W in North York, Toronto done by Artists On The Run

(September-October, 2021)

Yerba Buena Cannabis (1111 College St, Toronto ON)

In total there was 3 different murals, on 5 different walls throughout the store interior and even on the exterior! 

(June, 2021)

Yerba Buena Cannabis

(910 Sheppard Ave, Toronto ON)

65ft wide by 30ft tall

Medium: Behr exterior latex paint, Montana spray paint


Working with the Yerba Buena team was such an eye-opening experience! I learned a lot with this mural that I will forever remember the way I felt while doing this massive piece.

Restruant Lazy Daisy Custom painting at in Newmarket, Ontairo done by Artists On The Run

(September, 2018)

Lazy Daisy Café

(320 Harry Walker Parkway N, Newmarket ON)

Approx. 7ft wide by 5ft tall

Medium: Heavy Body Acrylics

This project was the one that got me hooked on mural painting! This was a café I would frequent called The Lazy Daisy Café, after seeing the bare wall I wanted to see if I could attempt a mural and see if I had any kind of desire to make this painting hobby into a possible career! 

Backyard Custom mural at in North York, Toronto done by Artists On The Run

(October, 2020)

Private Client

19ft wide by 10ft tall

Medium: Exterior latex paint, Heavy Body Acrylics

Working with this client she gave me lots of artistic freedom, she told me all that she wanted was to transform her bland chipping garage wall to pop with beautifully vibrant colours. She advised me she wanted it to blend into a nature theme, with flowers and her love for birds

Richards Auto Clinic LTD. Custom logo painting in Woodbridge, Ontairo done by Artists On The Run

(March 2019, Back in March 2021)

From the month of March till April, I was lucky enough to work back at Richards Auto Clinic, they commissioned me to work on 3 separate projects through 2019 and updates to their murals plus another piece to showcase the logo for the auto shop!  All they wanted was bright colours over their bland white walls and to feel like they are in the tropics even through the cold Canadian winters!

Click to see all the projects I worked on for these amazing people!

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