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Turkey Shoot Brewing Co.

(September, 2022)

Turkey Shoot Brewing Co. ( 482 The Queensway South Unit 7, Keswick ON)

10' high x 80' long Approx.

Medium: Exterior latex paint, DANG spray paint

Working with the brewing duo, Kyle and Jaclyn Stewart, was an absolute pleasure. Their appreciation for incredible artwork was evident throughout our collaboration. They host a variety of creative events and their warm charm always makes you feel welcome. And let's not forget about their adorable and lovable mascot, Judy, who adds an extra touch of joy to the brewery!    

Creating this mural presented a few artistic challenges that I had to tackle. It was my first time working on a landscape mural of such a long and narrow shape, which posed some difficulties. Ensuring proper proportions was crucial for this piece. I needed to make sure that the turkeys on the right side didn't appear too large compared to the hops field, as well as in comparison to the flowers. Maintaining realistic proportions in each section was key to maintaining a cohesive and harmonious look, allowing the viewer to follow the elements without any disruptions. By addressing these challenges, I was able to deliver a mural that incorporated all the client's desired elements and conveyed their vision effectively.

Another challenge I encountered was striking the right balance between a realistic image and infusing it with my personal artistic style. Through ongoing communication with the clients, I gained a clear understanding of their vision for the mural. I'm pleased to say that I was able to bring their desired artwork to life, which added vibrant colors to the brewery and perfectly complemented its theme and overall aesthetic. It's truly rewarding to have been able to share my artistry with this small town and its kind-hearted community.

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