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Elegant Enlightenment

(October, 2020)

19ft wide by 10ft tall on wood paneling garage.

Medium: Exterior latex paint, acrylic paint and paint markers.

Working with this client gave me lots of artistic freedom, she told me all that she wanted was her bland, chipping wall to pop with beautiful bright colour. She advised me she wanted it to blend into a nature theme, with flowers and her love of birds. Getting to know her personality, I started to bounce ideas around in my head. I like to use a lot of symbolism in my pieces to grab that emotion. I wanted to represent her beauty as a person and wisdom in the stories she would tell me when she got home as I was working. I used the symbolism of an owl for wisdom and a peacock for beauty. Knowing she wanted pops of colour I decided to add bright colours into the flowers so they don’t hide in the background of the birds. Staying very minimalistic with the colours of the birds but having them stay with the cool colours allowed each element to stand out as there own. 

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