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About us

In 2015 Artists On The Run was created by two artists with over 2 decades of combined knowledge in the design and creative industry. We are dedicated to artistically express your vision / ideas into reality with our meticulous eye for detail. We guarantee you with our connected client experience that our partnership will create a meaningful involvement in your next project that you’ll never forget.

Why on the run? Artists On The Run was created as an ode to street artists and the freedoms of ones expression in an world that preaches conformity. As a community of artists that feel constantly “on the run” by the various restrictions set on them by society. We at Artists On The Run strive to break those boundaries through our art to dissolve the stereotype of the street art community internationally.

Our Team.

Owner - Lead Artist

Tel: 705-331-7159


Owner - Lead Designer

Tel: 647-920-1098

Insta: Artistsontherun

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