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GIOVA Mural - Graffiti Clean up

(June, 2022)


Location: 1653 Dundas st W, Toronto ON

10' high x 20' long

Medium: Exterior latex paint, hand painted with rollers and brushes

This mural was volunteered to help reconnect the community to this beloved mural created by Chilean artist Giovanni Kini.


As part of the DO WEST FESTIVAL, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to this artwork by live painting and restoring the mural. During this experience, I had the privilege of meeting exceptional individuals who were genuinely delighted to see the mural restored to its former glory.

Originally created in 2018 for the community, Giovanni's masterpiece depicted children from Dundas West Public School, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of diverse roots and cultures in Toronto. Toronto's immigrant population, with people from various parts of the world seeking new opportunities or escaping war conflicts in their home countries, is well-known. The children portrayed in the mural embody these varied cultural backgrounds, coming together in the same classroom and exemplifying the serendipity that unites them in this corner of the world.

Knowing that the mural featured real portraits of children from the community, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for being entrusted with the task of rejuvenating it. Infusing my artistic style, characterized by vibrant and colorful flowers, I embarked on the mission of breathing new life into this significant artwork. By doing so, I aimed to contribute to the lasting legacy of this mural, fostering a sense of unity, appreciation, and pride within the community.

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