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(September, 2023)

Illuminate Mural Project (4 Chase McEachern Way, Barrie,ON)

2 separate paint jams, one in the Alley way, and one on the east side wall

Medium: DANG, NBQ spray paint

This mural was a collaborative effort led by the Clandestinos duo Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky, along side the BIA of Downtown Barrie! The alley way Illuminate Mural Project was a smaller art jam with myself, Paul at the Firm Murals, Cens, and of course the Clandestinos who invited me up! This was a project that took 3 days for my contribution to be completed. For quite some time, this building had been abandoned, serving as a spot the community avoided due to unfortunate events that occurred within its alleyway. Out of respect for those involved, I won't delve into specifics. However, the BIA recognized the need for change, aiming to transform its negative reputation by infusing color and memories. Sadly we knew the building had been set for demolition prior to painting, but the team of artists wanted to leave a statement of how the power of art can transform a negative into a positive. 

Being part of transforming the wall was truly something special. Working alongside friends, I learned a great deal. As an artist, I'm always driven to turn negatives into positives. Though it's sad to see the wall go, demolished now, it's comforting to know that it left on a positive note rather than a sad ending. This building used to carry a negative reputation, but thanks to the artists involved, it became something beautiful. It wasn't just about the art; it signified a new beginning for the community.

This journey reminds us of our capacity to bring about positive change, even in unexpected places. As we reflect on the demolition, let's hold onto the memories and the impact it had on us. It's a testament to the transformative power of art, leaving behind a legacy of hope and inspiration. 

(October, 2023)

A month later, we came back to the building with a bigger crew. Artists from all over the GTA showed up with their spray cans, ready to leave their mark. From newcomers trying their hand to seasoned pros adding their flair, it was a genuine mix of styles. Meeting new faces and sharing stories,the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, between the artists and people passing by. It was an unforgettable experience, a testament to the raw power of art and community coming together to breathe new life into this space! 


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