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Hayley Crossley

Owner - Lead Artist

Growing up my mother always got me involved with her art pieces, we would always be painting and creating together. From a young age I always had a passion for the world of art. It was always a positive part of my childhood. Creating has always been therapeutic to me in the hardest/darkest of times. Its my comfort. When I paint I grow attached to my artwork, as if the painting is coming to life with each brush stroke. That’s why I’ve always wanted to paint on a bigger scale to show people my feelings and passion. Art is how I express myself and how I view this world. I want to bring those feelings of joy and happiness to people who view my murals, just like I do.


With my passion I gained a lot of experience throughout my school years, starting in a new town everyone knew me as the artsy person. Being awarded with many different achievements, throughout my art career; awards like media arts awards, visual arts awards and concept arts awards. Getting awarded for my work gave me motivation to keep learning and striving to be better. Having my teachers push me to be more and more creative gave me my fascination for art. Everyday still I’m learning new techniques and creating new eye catching designs. I will always be learning and that excites me know that with art I will never grow tired or bored, creating new pieces is how I grow as a person and how I grow as an artist. “ I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart”- Vincent Van Gogh.

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