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Mitchell Vanderdonk


Being colour blind I was constantly told I shouldn't get into the art field by my peers as the difficulties I would face would be astronomical. I challenged them and stuck with my passion earning many awards in animation, graphics and logo design. I took those skills and in 2010 opened The Elite Arts a YouTube-centered design firm that worked with various groups in YouTube, eSports and live streaming. This really gave me my experience with how to work well with people and teams on achieving the maximum potential marketing a business through the use of art and various other medias. I work on every project as if it was my own putting in the attention, passion and hard work needed to make it come to fruition. I created artists on the run in 2015 after finding other passions in photography and street art while still keeping to my artist background. I wanted to share street art and give back what it gave to my community and with artists on the run, we hope to help dissolve the negative stereotypes given to street artists and all people who just want to do art. I'm constantly moving to gain more knowledge and experience and can't wait to work with you on your next project.


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