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The idea came to me when I started to think about my impact on the community with my artwork. As a young woman it can be totally terrifying to step outside your comfort zone and showcase your work at such a large scale, But in my artwork I've always found a sense tranquility in flowers which helped me feel more confident in my work, that I have a positive message to share with the world.

Flowers have a lot of meaning that can translate to me as a female in this huge world. They can be so soft and gentle, yet still blossom and grow in the worst of conditions. Some flowers will only bloom in a fire or can even still thrive in a drought. It's within those conditions that they grow stronger and more determined. I can strongly relate even when I feel as if sometimes the odds are against me I still find a way to stay determined and to challenge myself to keep growing and learning how to blossom through the pressures of society.

This mural is supposed to showcase the feelings of beauty and happiness but also the process of the actual mural shows how determined I am to share my work with my community. The mural was created in the middle December the weather was starting to get really cold and it became more of a mental struggle to be able to paint but with every brush stroke I became more determined to finish this piece that meant so much to me as an artist, to showcase with other people around me, to showcase beauty and Passion all within my work. I wanted people to look at the women and feel a sense of wonderment maybe to stop in the moment and smile!! In the hectic day-to-day life in a big city it can be hard to find moments that make you "stop and smell roses" if my artwork creates a moment of happiness or positivity in someone's day-to-day routine that I have successfully made it as an artist.


(December, 2021) finished in April, 2022 


Le Baratin (1600 Dundas ST W, Toronto ON)

25' high x 30' long

Medium: Exterior latex paint.

Mural for Dundas West open air Museum, First official project for the BIA -City of Toronto! This was a project to help cover a badly graffiti alley way, to bring colour and positivity to the community.

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