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Stay Wild Flower Child

(June, 2021)

Yerba Buena Cannabis

(910 Sheppard Ave, Toronto ON)

65ft wide by 30ft tall

Medium: Behr exterior latex paint, Montana spray paint

Working with the Yerba Buena team was such an eye-opening experience! I learned a lot with this mural that I will forever remember the way I felt while doing this massive piece. The Client wanted to keep with their store's theme of Northern California, their logo shows the Sequoia trees from Sequoia national park in Northern California, and the popular Volkswagen camper bus from the 70s! They wanted to keep it within that theme, but I had my own artistic freedom of how I wanted to paint it. Because this was such a big exciting project, to be seen my thousands on the busy intersection of Sheppard Ave west and Wilson heights. I wanted it to be perfect, to showcase what I can do! We went through many ideas back and forth sorting out how to make the client's vision come to life. My thought was to make it simple enough to get it done in 3 weeks to stay in the time frame for the client, But also add some elements to make the wall pop with colour!

The idea was to do the logo elements under their store sign on the building, also that’s the most seen part of the wall from the street, adding in the flowers was an element I thought would brighten the piece up, but I couldn’t just do any random flowers… so I went on to research what flowers were native to Northern California to make sure it flowed with the whole concept! Adding the girl was to make it have a nice feminine style also adding in the 70s aesthetic to wrap it all together! This was SUCH an amazing experience to step out of my comfort zone and just have faith in myself and what I’ve been doing my whole life! I love that I got to brighten up the corner for everyone to see! The neighbourhood outreach was so amazingly supportive and motivated me to keep going no matter what challenges I faced!

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