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Richard's Auto Clinic Projects

(April, 2021)


16 ft up from the floor, logo was approx. 5ft by 5ft  on interior brick wall.


Medium: Spray paint, paint markers and acrylic touch ups.


This wall was a 3rd time commission for this company, they loved having me there 2 years ago that they wanted me back to add to their Artist On The Run collection! This one was the first letter logo mural I’ve painted. With the help of Mitchell’s design knowledge we revamped Richard’s logo to look more like an art piece. He wanted us to stay with the colours of blue and to add his outline of the car featured on his logo. Was a nice refreshing experience working again with these guys!




Richard's Flowers

Tropical flower picture background ( June, 2019)


5ft wide by 12ft tall on interior brick wall


Medium: Acrylic paint


This one was a fast and fun little project. The client who I previously had worked with wanted to add more to the wall he thought the one side was so bright and wanted to continue it into the other side of the wall for his clients to take pictures with at events held throughout the summer. Adding to the tropical theme I added well known tropical flowers and plants/leaves. It definitely was a great addition to the bare, dull wall. It was a hit with his clients, which made for an awesome selfie background!


Richard's Beach

(updated) (March, 2021)


10ft wide by 12ft tall on interior brick wall


Medium: Spray paint, and acrylic paint


This was an experiment to try to update the girls with little things that I learned since I initially did the piece. I basically erased the girls by recreating the background paint colour and removing parts of their body to recreate their positions. Then going over the old girls with a light white/peach tone, I restarted the creation of what I wanted them to look like, using the doodle grid technique I sketched them out then proceeded to make them into how I had envisioned. Making them less pale and washed out made it look like they belonged on the sunny beach I created. This was a fun one to revamp to see how my style and painting had evolved over the years!





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