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Formally Know As The lazy daisy

(June-November, 2022)

The Little Griddle (formally The Lazy Daisy) 320 Harry Walker Pkwy N Newmarket

Multiple Designs and work! 

Medium: interior latex paint, digital design work

The fabulous team at The Little Griddle are always a complete pleasure to work for, supporting me countless times I've become their personal designer and artist with how many times I've worked along side Alanna and Tyler! This is the number one place I will always shout out and recommend! Truly love working with them always a great time!

From graphic designing their gift cards, bag stickers, business cards, new logo and branding... to working on 2 more murals "the snack shack" and "support local business" card holder wall. It's always an amazing time working and bouncing ideas off Alanna! They truly appreciate the artwork I create for them and always motivate me by the immense positivity when you walk through those doors! I will just use this page to pay tribute to all the projects!

If you are ever in the area do yourself a favor and head over to The Little Griddle, with the amazing food, atmosphere and added bonus of seeing my first ever mural plus all the other design work and murals I've created, you will not be disappointed

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