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Jacob Hespeler Highschool Youth Mural

(October, 2022)


Jacob Hespeler Highschool (355 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge)

8’ high x 20’ long

Medium: FLAME spray paint

This mural was a collaborative effort led by Smart Labs, alongside eight other talented artists. When my friend Paul from The Firm Murals invited me to be one of the eight artists, I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to work with him. What made this experience truly special was that it was my first time working with youth and incorporating their thoughts and feedback into the design. It was an inspiring and eye-opening experience for me.

Working this mural was my first time collaborating with other artists, the youth community, smart labs and the school board. It was defiantly a different experience came with its own challenges but what job doesn't! This was really the first time Smart Labs had attempted to do something on this mass, all and all it was a fun experience! Came with little hiccups but was really awesome to hear the community input for this project! Working with the youth was very eye opening to see what ideas they had envisioned for the school murals

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