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Daisy's Story

(September, 2018)

Lazy Daisy Café

(320 Harry Walker Parkway N, Newmarket ON)

Approx. 7ft wide by 5ft tall

Medium: Heavy Body Acrylics

This project was the one that got me hooked on mural painting! This was a café I would frequent called The Lazy Daisy Café, after seeing the bare wall I wanted to see if I could attempt a mural and see if I had any kind of desire to make this painting hobby into a possible career! 

After talking with the owner she was very much on board with the idea of supporting my dream. She bounce ideas around with me telling me the story behind the name of her café, she told me just before she was about to get everything rolling on opening her very own restaurant her furry friend Daisy sadly passed away. In honour of her furry family member she named the restaurant after Daisy, she told me Daisy was quite the cuddle bug and loved to just lounge around. She said at least she can live on in this dream restaurant of mine, hence the name The Lazy Daisy Café. Hearing this heartbreaking, but wholesome story I began to think of my concept art. I had a lot of freedom with this piece but she did want it to be dedicated to her pup.


My idea was to put Daisy on the wall in a frame (oval-shaped is a symbol of passing like in old newspaper postings of people who passed) also having the halo to indicate her passing, but I wanted it to look like Daisy was still living in the restaurant through colour, having the pup in all black and white and the background colour sort of faded, then have daisy flowers hanging out of her mouth fading into colour, indicating her spirit is still living throughout the restaurant in colour. When my client saw her happy little pup painted up on the wall her eyes filled with tears of happiness. That’s when I knew this was my calling!

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